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Ruth Kitcher

Whilst Ruth was pregnant with her first child, she became aware that pregnant women would benefit significantly by receiving continuity of care throughout their maternity period.  Due to budget and staffing issues within the NHS this is rarely an option.  As a result of her own experiences, Ruth completed the Nurturing Birth Doula course in 2010 and is registered with Doula UK. After studying at Bedfordshire University for 3 years, she is now a qualified Antenatal Educator and teaches on behalf of the National Child Birth Trust (NCT).

“I am passionate about supporting women, partners and families during this special, and often vulnerable time.  My role is flexible in order to meet each individual clients needs.  I feel to be part of this journey is an honour and I never stop being amazed at how incredible birth is."

Caroline Ward

Caroline's journey towards becoming a doula came about after the birth of her daughter, Suzie, in 2010.

She is a founder member of Yorkshire Birth Buddies and worked in medicine for several years before becoming a doula.

"I am fascinated by the miracle of pregnancy and birth. I had a non-medicalised home birth, in water, and was privileged to see my daughter emerge into the world in a calm, controlled and peaceful environment. I will never forget the moment my daughter bobbed to the surface of the water and into my arms for her first cuddle!"

"I am a nurturing birth trained birth and postnatal doula, with a special interest in hypnobirthing and water birth. I am a member of Doula UK, the UK's largest association of doulas."

New born

To speak to Ruth, call on 07967 154 480

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