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Leanne and Richard - Ilkley

Leanne gave birth to her daughter Sophia at home, using water and hypnobirthing "Although I knew I did want a natural homebirth I did occasionally have worries of how it would pan out. But Ruth was always there to provide me with information to support my choices.

On her arrival, Ruth checked how I was doing before helping Richard to fill the pool and suggesting I take a short walk. We did have a stroll but I soon felt I wanted to be back home.  As I entered my lounge, it was fantastic – the pool was filled, my blinds were down, fairy lights on, candles lit and a cosy area made with quilts and relaxing music playing.  I instantly felt calmer and couldn’t stop smiling..."

Jo and Charlie - Skipton

Jo gave birth to baby Archie (in record time) at Airedale Hospital, almost two weeks after her due date!

"I’m really glad I used a doula – it made being pregnant and giving birth a much more positive experience and I never thought I would say that after my first birth.  I would recommend Caroline for her calmness and willingness to ‘go the extra mile’.

I was extremely anxious when I went overdue and Caroline really helped to keep me as calm as possible.  She gave me various useful ideas e.g. hypnotherapy and specific books to read.  She was very knowledgeable about everything and very calm which I really needed!  I liked having someone to discuss things with, and felt much more in control.

My husband appreciated the knowledge that Caroline brought to the process and that he had help in looking after me.  It took a lot of pressure off him."

Clare and Nick - Ilkley

Clare gave birth to her first baby, Finlay at Harrogate District Hospital, with the support of her husband and Doula.

"I had a great experience with Caroline. She opened my eyes to a more positive way to approach the birth. She was calm, caring and knowledgeable and I had every confidence in her to help us make the right decisions for the birth of our baby.

She helped me believe that not all births need to be a negative experience – the only stories I’d heard were of stressful births with problems and complications. I wouldn’t have planned for a water birth had it not been for Caroline and I’m very glad that I did."

Jennie - Wigan

Jennie had her third baby, Joshua, at home in a birth pool.

"I felt safe, protected and cared for. She understood my needs and what was important to me, never passing judgment.  She was amazing at providing support and reassurance as my labour progressed, and appeared to know just when I needed extra support!"

Jo and Paul - Barnoldswick

Jo gave birth to twin girls, Pippa and Rose, at home in water, with the care of her Doula and Independent Midwives.

"Caroline’s calm, positive, reassuring presence was wonderful, particularly during the middle part of labour when my contractions were intense.  Caroline is a fantastic doula. She is non-directive; the questions she asked really helped me to work out exactly what I wanted. She said such encouraging things between contractions and I really appreciated her company..."

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